6 Years of FiFi Streamiversary!


MAIN goal:

The main goal is to celebrate 6 years on Twitch together and have fun doing so! I also plan on playing a variety of games to help introduce more games to my Pokémon audience while also switching things up for my old audience! :D

Extra viewer Goodies:

Anyone is free to vote on the extra goodies for FiFi to do during the finale of the marathon.


The 2019 Color War! 

Use bits, subs, re-subs, gift subs, & donations to cheer in chat and help FiFi decide on his latest glamorous look! Once the marathon is finished, whichever color wins will be applied!

Oh boy, a giveaway!

FiFi loves you guys so much, so in order to give back he has decided to conduct a giveaway. The winner will recieve a Nintendo Switch & Game of your choice! Anyone (including International) is welcome to enter!